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Anadolu or Anatolie in Turkish

Here in the heart of Colmar, the finest Alasace’s Ottoman restaurant. Madeleine Desmoulis, an authentic Alsatian fallen in love with Turkey, realized her dream by opening this restaurant in 1978. In 2003 she decided to ritire and leaves the keys to Talat Gurbuz, her server for the last 7 years. From now one he continues in the same way.

The Chef, originally from Turkey, has not change. He could cook all the traditional recipies blindfolded and offers you to eat in a rustic tavern settings, with its Anatolian carpets and with its bar and terrace on the pedestrian street by way of a decor. It lends itself to a motionless dream. the kitchen’s pitch is accurate, the taste is precise, fine, fresh and with all the flavors of Turkey with humility and great love.

The large mezze, which offers a series of authentic hors-d’oeuvre, allows you to short walk the Turkish kitchen. Each dish will be tasted, hummus, raw sausage, spicy kebabs, delicately stuffed vine leaves, feta's pancakes, boreks, among many delicate and delicious things.

The “trick” of the restaurant is its grilled meats, mostly lamb. A wide range of meat with a perfect tenderness are proposed : impeccable döner kebab, tasty ands juicy shish kebab, an amazing “bag“ of exquisite spicy meats and a soft spicy köfte.

Thereupon, we drink full of life and fruitiness Turkish wines, starting with the “easy” fruity rosé Kavaklıdere.

We conclude with flawless desserts, like the delightful baklava served with honey or the fresh ice yogurt offered with its raspberry sauce.

Talat at your service

Sunny view from the terrace

The cellar