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The Turkey

Set on two continents : Europa and Asia, the Turkey is a wide country, which offers a large range of landscapes : lakes, mountains and seas. Everything is done to satisfy travellers and stunning landscapes lovers. This is a country of trmendous warmth and hospitality, there will be plenty of discoveries and meetings.

To the north, there is the Black Sea, to the south the Mediterranean Sea, to the east the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara. High plateaux ans montains are notched by deep valleys in which flows many rivers such as the Euphrates and the Tigris. Many lakes are to be found.

The Turkey benefits benefits from a large range of differents climates : temperate, continental, mediterranean and a Southern climat.

if you are interested in cultural history or archeology, the country is full of places and monuments to discover.


The city with its to bays is now one the most popular tourism and recreation center of Turkey.

No need to venture far from the port to find what the city has to offer : a living and colorful bazaar, a local craft producing by hand traditional carpets and kilims and also the confection of trilandil.

Cultural history lovers won’t be let behind as the city is build on the vestiges of one of the greatest cities of the antiquity : Halicarnasse. Take a tour at the Museum of the city and you will have the opportunity, thanks to the vestiges exposed here, to discover more than 5,000 years of history. 

Another monument to visit, on of the Seven Wonders : the Tomb of King Mausolus, which reflects the dominent role and wealth of Dobrum, at that time called Halicarnassus.


The region of Antalya, heart of the tourism in Turkey, will suit all tastes : stunning landscapes, sports and water sports, walks in one of the many parks, historical sites and architectural remains of a glorious past.

With its shady boulevards, its old town with narrow streets bordered by wooden houses, its marina regarded as one of the finest in Turkey, its shops and restaurants, Antalya is truly the pearl of the Turkish Riviera.

Among a multitude of other monuments to discover, stands in the center of the city : the Yivli Minareli mosque built in the thirteenth century, its fluted minaret has now become the symbol of the city.


Jewel of the Arabian Nights, Istanbul will charm you. Rich from an eventful history and a legendary past, the "capital of capitals" counts among the most beautiful cities in the world.

Its cultural and architectural diversity will complete to lose the tourists, to let them dive within the meander of History and civilization. Museums, churches, palaces, mosques, bazaar, panoramas and cultural and natural sites : the abundance buggles. The variety of shades and atmospheres gives the city a fragrance of eternity.


Izmir, capital of the western province of Turkey is a modern and pleasant town, located in the beautiful Izmir gulf, one of the finest in the Aegean Sea.

From the North bay to the South into the old district of Konak, the Atatürk Caddesi is the most animated and vibrant Street of Izmir. Bordered by stunning buildings and many restaurants and bars. Amateur or professional photographs will have here the opportunity to take amazing pictures of the gulf.


Ankara, capital of Turkey, is located in the heart in center Anatolia. History, art and modern lives shall be found in this city, which became the true symbol of modern Turkey, feeded by past, and future-oriented.

In Ankara, you will have the opportunity to discover, among others, the Anitkabir (the Mausoleum of Atatürk), composed of several colossal towers, an avenue lined with Hittite lions, reliefs symbolizing the moments of triumph Turkish resistance ...

But many other monuments worth a look, as the Temple of Augustus, built on the foundations of the temple edified in honor of the Phrygian goddess Men, the Column of Julian, and also the Citadel and many mosques, mausoleums and churches.

Another great place : the Roman Hammam. Its large size and the vestiges of the patio deserve a look.