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For the gourmets who want to discover all dishes, the "Big Menu" offers 15 different dishes, cold and warm and an assortment of desserts.
(minimum 2 persons) 
per pers.


Plate of "Meze" (hors-d'oeuvres): A selection of 7 different "Meze" 13,00
Börek: Small oriental pancakes stuffed with cheese 8,00
Lahmacun: Thin pancake with spicy meat and tomatoes 8,50
Pide: Thin pancake with feta cheese 8,50
Yaprak sarma : Stuffed vine leaves 8,50
Cacik : Cucumber with thick mint yoghurt 8,00
Homos : Chickpea puree with sesame cream and olive oil 8,00
Suçuk : Very spicy grilled raw sausage, served with tabbouleh 8,00
Cöp Kebab : Small spicy kebabs, served with tabbouleh 8,50
Peynir Salatasi : Green salad and tomatoes with feta cheese and olive oil 8,50
Peynir : Cheese plate with olive oil 7,00

Hot Dishes

The Sultan's Dish: Assortment of all "Kebab" and Musakka 19,00
Iskender: "Alexander Kebab ..." Grilled Meat, bread, tomatoes and yoghurt 12,50
Döner: Grilled meat on skewers cut into thin strips 12,50
Güvec: Backed roasted lamb and vegetable pie 13,50
Sis: Traditional lamb skewers 14,00
Adana: Very spicy meat skewers like in Adana 12,50
Sis tavuk: Chicken skewers with lemon 12,50
Sac: Leftover spiced meat typically served in the "bag" 14,50
Pirzola: Grilled lamb ribs with oregano and green cumin 14,50
Köfte: Small meat pancakes typically spicy and grilled 12,50
Mussaka: Eggplant gratin with meat 13,00
Firinda Patlican: Eggplant gratin with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes 12,50
Firinda Köfte: Spiced meat pancackes with tomato baked in oven 12,00


The Plate of the Favorite: Tasting Desserts 10,50
Baklava: Layered dough-based cake with almond and walnuts 6,00
Kadayif: Angel hair with fresh lemon and thick cream 7,50
Irmik helvasi: Semolina cake with spices, almonds and honey sauce 6,50
Helva: Cake with sesame and pistachio 6,50
Queen of Sheba : Chocolate cake and custard 7,00
Honey and orange ice cream 6,50
Yoghurt ice cream and raspberry coulis 6,50
Rose Ice cream and rose liqueur 6,50
Süzme yogurt: Yaourt épais au miel et aux noix 6,50
Lemon sorbet 6,00
Rose lokum 0,80