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Welcome to Anadolu

Restaurant Anadolu : The Turkish kitchen with its specialities in Colmar.

The Ottomans always have been considered as pickiest eaters and it is said Istanbul is renowned for its full belly. we had like you, our clients, to our “pachas”, just having to sit and enjoy a nice meal.

The Turkish kitchen is one the most varied you can find. In our restaurant in Colmar, we offer you the most traditional dishes. Why don’t you start by tasting “Yavas - Yavas” the famous Raki, the “lion’s milk”, not as calm as it seems to be and which is, according to the local custom, served with several meze.

Serefinize and bon appétit !


Lunchtime : from 12h to 14h

Dinnertime : from 19h to 22h

Closed on Sunday noon and Monday